How You Can Choose Best Double Sleeping Pad for Backpacking Almost Instantly

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If you have ever woken up in the middle of the night on the cold ground after a day of hiking or backpacking, you understand how back pain and a deep chill can ruin a good night’s sleep. Sleeping pads are a simple solution to this common camping trip problem. They provide a more comfortable and warmer night’s rest without the added burden of packing a heavy and bulky air mattress. By allowing you to travel light and sleep comfortably, it is no surprise that sleeping pads are essential gear for many camping and hiking enthusiasts.

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Venturing out for a solo camping expedition can be a great way to take some time for yourself, but we believe the backpacking or a camping trip in the great outdoors is best enjoyed in the company of others. That said, there is no better way to get a good sleep and enjoy a camping trip with someone special than sharing a two-person sleeping pad.

Best Two Person Sleeping Pad for Camping

Two-person backpacking sleeping pads have numerous practical benefits beyond allowing you to share sleeping space with a partner. The added warmth generated by two bodies sleeping beside each other can keep you comfortable during winter camping trips. Also, packing one pad, rather than two, makes it easier to haul in supplies for a deep woods camping trip.

Choosing the best two-person sleeping pad for camping is not as straightforward as you might think. To help you decide, we’re giving you some tips on what to look for in a sleeping pad and then showing you some of the best ones out there. 

What Should You Consider When Shopping for a Double Sleeping Pad?

At first glance, it may seem that a sleeping pad’s sole purpose is providing a comfortable surface to sleep on. Its ability to keep you warm throughout the night makes them a necessity. Insulation between you and the ground is crucial when sleeping outdoors.

The Type of Pad

There are three basic types of a two-person sleeping pad.

An air sleeping pad can be reasonably comfortable. Inflating pads can be a bit of hassle as they do not always have a pump, and you often have to use your breath. While this does mean air pads are lightweight and can be adjusted for preferred firmness, they can also be fragile. Inflatable sleeping pads are susceptible to punctures and rips and also tend to feel as though they are losing air as the temperature fluctuates. The air pad’s lack of density can make for an uncomfortable and loud sleep if either you or your partner has a habit of moving around during the night.

The Type of PadThe second type, self-inflating pads, offers a combination of open-cell foam insulation and air for extra comfort. The air valve fills the pad’s air chambers, so inflation is manageable. Not only do these pads offer excellent insulation, but you also maintain the ability to adjust the firmness by adding or releasing air with the valve. They are made of stronger fabrics than air pads, so they do not suffer the same susceptibility to rips. The one downside to self-inflating pads, though, is they are weighty than an air sleeping pad. However, if you can deal with the extra weight in your gear, they make an excellent choice.

The third type is closed cell foam pads. A foam sleeping pad is the most basic type of sleeping pad. They are made of dense foam filled with closed air pockets and can be lightweight and durable. However, they are often less comfortable and can be a bit bulky if you have a lot of other gear. 

Choosing the Right Sleeping Pad

Personal preference plays a significant role when selecting the best type of camping pad for both comfort and warmth. Decide which features are the most relevant to you. Do you prefer an ultralight choice for backpacking where weight is an essential factor? Or perhaps you are a more casual camper who drives to your campsite and are more concerned with comfort? Are you winter camping? Colder temperatures require more insulation, so a thicker, insulated pad is a better choice. Do not forget to factor in the length and width of your pad to make sure it will fit both you and your partner’s bodies. Ultimately, the decision is personal. Weigh up the factors that matter most to you and make your decision from there!

Our Choices for the Best Two Person Sleeping Pads

KingCamp Two Person Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

This pad is a perfect self-inflating sleeping pad. Unlike most pads, the KingCamp uses two valves rather than one for quicker inflation and deflation. The pad comes in at a total weight of 9 pounds 11 ounces, which is very reasonable given its size. This pad is a generous 78 inches long and nearly 52 inches wide. It is more comfortable than many two-person pads, mainly due to the 1.6-inch thickness, which provides excellent insulation, keeping you warm against the cold ground. The KingCamp also comes packaged with some nice extras, notably, two self-inflating pillows. A set of compression straps and a carrying bag are included, too, which makes storage and transport much more manageable. Overall, it’s an awsome two-person sleeping pad we would happily recommend.

Hikenture Double Camping Pad

Hikenture’s inflatable two-person backpacking sleeping pad is an excellent choice for campers that want an ultralight sleeping solution. The pad comes in at 3 pounds 9.6 ounces and packs down into a small carrying bag that easily fits into any pack. Unlike most air pads on the market, the Hikenture comes with a built-in foot pump, which makes inflating the pad much more comfortable. At nearly 4 inches thick, it is a comfortable sleeping pad that’s perfect for hikers or deep woods campers. This two-person sleeping pad is easy to travel with. It is a more than reasonable price for the quality of the air pad you are getting.

Binffeey Two Person Lightweight Camping Pad

What stands out most about the Binffeey pad is its unique design. The pad uses smaller honeycomb air cells rather than longer rectangular tubes of air. This design limits air movement and helps with body heat retention and insulation. Another unique feature of this two-person pad is how easy it is to fold over to create a thicker single sleeping pad. At just 2 pounds, 4.8 ounces, the Binffeey is also ultralight and perfect for backpacking. You can even separate the pad with snap buttons if you want to use it as a single mattress. Or, just for flexibility when packing it in your pack with other gear. It is a unique, durable, and flexible two-person sleeping solution, and we highly recommend it to campers hoping for a good night’s sleep

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