Best Two Person Sleeping Bag – Are You Prepared For A Good Thing?

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Who says camping can’t be romantic? There are plenty of ways to make a hiking or camping trip very passionate, and using a two-person sleeping bag is one of them. The great thing about it is you not only get to snuggle with your loved one, but you also get a boost of warmth from two people generating body heat in one space. This means that on a bitterly cold night you’re sure to keep warm inside the tent, even if you haven’t invested in a sub-zero bag.

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2-person sleeping bags also have an additional benefit. Many people find it difficult to sleep alone or at least within their own space when they’ve spent years sharing a bed with their partner. Two-person sleeping bags ensure that the at-home sleeping conditions are duplicated as much as possible, even when you’re out under the stars for the night.

There is plenty of great sleeping bags on the market, so how can you choose the right one? Our lists and tips for the best sleeping bags for couples can help make your choice easier.

Two person sleeping bag inside a tent

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Two-Person Sleeping Bag?

The Shape of the Bag

Just like individual sleeping bags, two-person bags come in different shapes. The most common shape couples choose is the standard zip-up double-wide bag. There is plenty of room for two people, and it allows for shifting and movement throughout the night.

Mummy bags – the ones that have a head covering and can be pulled tightly around the face for extra warmth – aren’t a great option when you’re sleeping with another person. The good news is any warmth you lose without having your head covered is more than made up by the fact that there are two people generating heat within the bag.

Type of Insulation in the Bag

Most campers choose synthetic fill bags because they are less expensive and offer better protection against the elements. If your bag is filled with natural fibers such as down and it gets wet, you aren’t going to be able to use it for some time.

Though down bags are warmer, synthetic bags typically perform just fine for most campers. They are also hypoallergenic if that’s a concern for you or your sleeping partner. If you do opt for a down-filled bag, make sure you get one that is water-resistant. You still shouldn’t get it wet, but at least you’ll have a bit more protection if it does.

Weight of the Bag

If you intend to hike to your destination, the weight of your bag is going to be very important. Lightweight bags tend to be more expensive, but you’ll be happy you paid the extra expense, especially when carrying a sleeping bag that is bulkier because it’s designed to accommodate two people. Two-person bags tend to be better when you are driving, as opposed to hiking, to your camping destination, but if you do intend to do any walking with a pack on your back, look for the lightest weight bag available that meets your temperature needs.

Location and Season

In addition to the features of the bag, you’ll also want to consider your sleeping destination and the time of year you plan to camp. Obviously, you need a warmer bag if you are camping during colder months. A good rule of thumb is to choose a sleeping bag that is rated for 35 degrees F if you are camping during the summer and 15 degrees F if you are camping during the fall or spring months. Your bag will be comfortable if temps don’t dip this low, but if they do, you’ll survive.

Our Choices for Best Two Person Sleeping Bags

Now that you have some idea what you are looking for in a 2-person sleeping bag, here are our choices for the best options available:

Coleman Tandem 2 Person Sleeping Bag

This is a budget-friendly option that offers plenty of space for you and another sleeper. It’s suitable for temperatures between 30 and 50 degrees and is long enough to accommodate sleepers up to 6 feet 2 inches. This bag features the added benefit of internal storage. It’s fairly lightweight for a two-person bag at under 10 lbs. This is a durable, high-quality bag that comes with a five-year limited warranty.

The North Face Dolomite Double

From one of the world’s best-loved outdoor brands, The North Face Dolomite bag offers plenty of space for two sleepers. It weighs 9 lbs. and is suitable for temperatures as low as 20 degrees F. Its eco-synthetic insulation is fluffy and soft and made from 30 percent post-consumer recycled materials. This is one of the pricier bags on our list at nearly $200, but it’s durable and very spacious. Despite its size, it can be compressed a great deal, so if you do opt to hike to your camping destination, this is the two-person bag we’d recommend.

Winterial Double Mummy Sleeping Bag

This is one of the warmest bags on our list and the one we’d recommend if you and your partner are doing an early spring or late fall camping. It’s a heavier bag at 16.5 lbs. so we wouldn’t recommend it for a backpacking or hiking expedition. We actually love it for car or backyard camping. It’s suitable for temps as low as 20 degrees and features the SuperLoft Elite 4-channel hollow fiber insulation. And it’s a mummy bag for two people – something you don’t find everywhere. Below $100, it’s a reasonably priced option for what you are getting.

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