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The many folks who find enjoyment and relaxation in outdoor activities such as camping and hiking can usually only enjoy these hobbies during the summer months. Unless you live in a consistently warm and dry climate, you’re at the mercy of Mother Nature, who tends to be a bit unpredictable. Of course, there are hardcore outdoor types who are determined to hike and camp even when the weather is at its worst. However, the majority of outdoor hobbyists enjoy nature, just a few months out of the year.



Though these precious few months allow for a greater appreciation of our time spent with friends and family outdoors, there is also a bit of trepidation that slowly begins to creep into our thoughts as the days start to get shorter. This anxiety stems from knowing that the outdoor season is coming to an end. They start planning and following through on responsibilities that come with the colder months of the year, like getting your boat to the marina or your RV and campers adequately stored for the winter.

The Damage Done

These are just a few of the essential chores that must be appropriately planned and executed. If you forget or procrastinate, next summer’s outdoor enjoyment may very well become damaged or ruined when winter hits. It’s vitally important to have a solid game plan about where and how you’re going to store your stuff.

Storage Issues

With boats, RVs, and jet skis, the options for storage are apparent and usually not much of an issue. That said, some people own outdoor gear that is too small for a marina or RV storage place to take yet too big to justify some thought as to where in your garage or basement it can sit for the winter.



Though these problems are solved rather quickly, the relatively new and popular hobby of owning and using a roof tent still has people confused as to what exactly is the best way to store it. Many people run into this issue, and since owning a roof rack tent is somewhat of a new trend, there isn’t a wealth of information available on how to properly store them for the winter. There is hope. We will not only tell you the best way to store your rooftop tent as well as the ladder, fabric, and any included foam mattress but will also provide another alternative storage option as well.

Why Store?

It’s essential to understand why it’s necessary to store it in the first place properly. First of all, rooftop tents are a pretty sizable investment for most people, and, though these types of tents are accustomed to taking a beating, they do have weaknesses. So, to adequately protect this investment, knowing its vulnerabilities helps prevent damage from occurring.


When it comes to rooftop tent storage, the rule of thumb is to find a spot where it is at least a foot or two off of the ground because it will be protected from the water and small amounts of moisture from the ground. If even a little bit of water or rain finds its way into your rooftop tent and sits there for three to five months, there will undoubtedly be damage, usually in the form of mold and rot that significantly compromises the integrity of the canvas, zippers, foam, air mattress, and everything else.




Some people also choose to leave their tent on their car all winter though this method isn’t recommended due to the wear and tear the inclement weather will inevitably cause to both the tent and the vehicle. This option does, however, become more viable if your tent has some sort of fiberglass cover where it can be kept safe dry and not affect your vehicle’s performance. So, if these storage methods are not an option for you, then this may help.

Ready for Work

Though this method requires a bit of work, it saves you some space, and it also looks pretty cool.  You want to get a couple of pulleys and attach them across from each other horizontally on the ceiling of your garage, about fifty to sixty inches apart from each other. Next, take the second set of pulleys and place them about forty inches away from the first set, making sure to leave about twenty inches of room on either side of the pulleys. Finally, build and sort of web-like pattern with a bit of rope that slides under your tent case and use the pulleys to hoist it on up. People often use a pulley rack for bicycles instead of building one and purchase premade rope webbing to make it easier.


This alternative method is a bit of work, but sometimes there is simply no other option. There are also a couple of ways of storage that involve pinning your tent up against a wall using wood, rope, or metal supports. There is no end to the number of ways to store your rooftop tent properly.


Many people have used their imagination and space they have to work with and figured out a way to accomplish this task. Hopefully, you’ve gained a bit of knowledge on how to best store your rooftop tent. Good luck!

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