Can You Camp In The Snow And Stay Warm?

Sounds crazy when you say it out loud! But it is true. We learnt {the hard way} on how to camp in the colder climate, in an area where over the hill there is snow.

We did it with our family. We set up our tent and our campervan and got ready for the night. And we were able to say that the first night we all froze our little toes off. The second night we figured out if what to do so that you can camp in the snow and stay warm.

Watching The Sunsetting Is Always The Best Part of Camping

How You Can Stay Warm While Camping.

Its all about the quality of your tent. The quality of your sleeping bag – the rating of the sleeping bag really does make it possible to sleep comfortably. So, when you are looking at purchasing your sleeping bag, read the label.

Find out if it’s suitable for the summer climate, or if it is suitable for the winter climate. Every sleeping bag will have a rating number and a guideline of what temperatures that bag is ideal for.

Can You Camp In The Snow And Stay Warm?

Yes, you can, the number one rule of staying warm and toasty overnight while the temperatures reach very low is about laying up under your air mattress/or your swag.

Before you set up your tent or your swag, lay down a Tarp. It keeps the ground away from contacting your bedding. Which is a bonus as your tent won’t be as damp in the morning, especially handy for packing up time.

Inside your tent/swag, Under the Air Mattress or your swag put down a blanket or open up a sleeping bag and lay it down flat. It’s about making sure your body heat can stay warm, by making sure you don’t come in contact with the cold damp ground.

Then on top of your mattress put another blanket or warm winter sheet down. Before placing your sleeping bag on top.


Wearing warm winter socks on your feet, and a beanie for your head will help. It doesn’t matter what PJ’s you will wear as it is not about keeping warm through clothes. Body heat will stay warmer when your head and feet are kept warm.

After laying under the tent/swag and laying inside the tent/swag we actually found our second night of sleeping in the area where it snowed, too warm!!!

Yep, we were kicking off the sleeping bag, opening the zipper up to turn it into a blanket that could be placed over us lightly, kicking some of it off during the night.

A lot of travelers think of Camping as being a Summer idea. But to be honest we prefer to camp in the cooler months as there is nothing that beats sitting around a campfire, eating an early meal, sharing funny stories, spending quality time together as a family {and or with friends}, and then climbing into a bed that is warm all night long.

Going to bed when the sun goes down, waking up to the magical sunset. And seeing the snow the next day. Crossing off a Bucket moment with our boys. We went to Jindabyne, caught the chair lift up to the hill, got off and slid down the hill on our backsides getting so wet with big smiles on our faces.


It was the most surreal moment, seeing our boys frozen with big smiles on their faces as they spent the afternoon walking back up the small hill, to slide down it, again and again, {it was only a small section of a hill as the snow was starting to defrost}.

Luckily, they were exhausted and ready for bed that night. And luckily, we worked out how to make our camping equipment work well for us all.

So, if you are looking at your next Camping Adventure, and you know it is going to be super cold, it is going to be okay with the easy tips we have given you.

Chose a good quality tent, a good rating sleeping bag, and carry extra tarps, extra blankets/sleeping bags, and a winter sheet. And you too will have the best adventure of your lifetime.

Hoping to see you crossing off a Bucket List moment, where ever that will be in this amazing Australia of ours.



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  1. hey guys, thanking you so much for sharing our experience of staying warm while camping in the snow 🙂 We loved every minute of that experience, and it still brings back found memories for our boys 🙂

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