Heavy Duty Camping Chairs

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Investing in a heavy-duty chair for camping adventure not only means you’ll get a durable chair that’s great for heavier users, but it also means you’ll have a long-lasting chair. Of course, you don’t want anyone to be injured sitting on a chair that’s not capable of holding their weight, but this can happen regardless of how heavy a person is if a chair is old and worn-out enough. Heavy-duty chairs last longer, are durable and are made of better quality materials than the cheap and flimsy chairs on the market.

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The frame of the chair is an important component of how strong it is and how much weight it can endure, but heavy-duty chairs are heavy-duty all-around. This means you not only get a more durable frame, but you also get arms and a seat that will stand up to the test of time. Heavy-duty camping chairs are just a smart fiscal investment.

Heavy Duty Camping Chairs

Now that you understand why you should buy a heavy-duty chair for camping, let’s take a look at a few of our favorites.

Kijaro Coast Dual Lock Wave Chair

Kijaro Coast Dual Lock Wave ChairThe Kijaro Coast Dual Lock Wave chair has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds and is built to last. Its dual lock mechanism prevents it from sagging underneath a person’s weight. It features a corrosion-resistant steel frame and comes with several pockets. Its mesh fabric seat offers good airflow and is water-resistant. This chair has a lower profile, but it’s easy to get into and out of it with ease, even for the older and less agile folks. This chair comes with a carry strap and bag and tends to be on the pricier side of the heavy-duty camping chairs available.

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Highlander Folding Camp Chair

Highlander Folding Camp ChairThis chair’s weight capacity is up to 220 pounds. The chair itself is lightweight though, so if you’re looking for something that’s sturdier but still easy to carry, this might be the right option for you. The seating portion is made from PVC polyester that is stain-resistant and prevents wear and tear.

This is a heavy-duty chair that’s perfect for use in the forest or on the beach and has a cup holder in the arm. It’s one of the most reasonably priced heavy duty chairs on our list, but it might not be right for taller people because it tends to sit a little bit too low.

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Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair

Alps Mountaineering King Kong ChairThis Alps Mountaineering King Kong Chair is designed for heavy people. It can withstand a weight of up to 800 pounds and has a powder-coated steel frame. The fabric portion of the chair is made from 600D polyester, which is also known for being strong and durable. The thing that fascinates people is that despite this chair has such a high weight capacity, the chair itself weighs under 13 pounds.

This is one of the most heavy-duty chairs on the market, from a weight capacity standpoint and wear and tear standpoint. It folds up easily and features a cup holder and side pockets. Many users report they purchased their chair years ago and it’s still holding up well. It’s one of the more expensive options on the market, but with all it offers in terms of durability, we think it’s worth it.

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Vango Kraken Oversized Chair

Vango Kraken Oversized ChairThis chair is capable of handling up to about 400 pounds of weight. It has a steel frame that feels sturdy and strong armrests that give it even more security. It’s a great chair for larger people, but it would be comfortable for people of all sizes. The legs are designed to not sink into the sand or mud when seated. It’s one of the more expensive chairs on the list, but most owners agree the price is worth it.

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Which Heavy Duty Camping Chair is Right for Me?

It depends. All of the options we’ve listed are great investments for anyone who intends to camp or use their chair for other reasons on a regular basis. You should make your decision based on a few considerations:

Are you buying a heavy-duty camping chair because you or your loved ones are bigger people and need something sturdier? Or are you just looking for something that will last? If you’re concerned about anyone’s size, make sure you look at the weight capacity of the chair.

Are you willing to invest in a quality chair or are you on a budget? You can get a great heavy-duty camping chair for a reasonable price, but some of the best chairs out there do tend to run a little more expensive than others. It’s best to set a budget and find a chair within that price range that otherwise suits your needs.

Where will you be using your chair? Is it strictly a camping chair and will it stay packed away when you aren’t camping? Or do you intend to take your chair to tailgate events, BBQs, and other outdoor festivities?

Also, make sure you look at each component and determine if they all add up to being a great value. For instance, you might find a chair with a sturdy frame, but the material used in the seating area is flimsy and wears out after a year or two. Maybe you’ve found a chair that’s strong, but it’s not all that convenient and lacks some of the creature comforts that tend to be standard on chairs, like pockets and cup holders.

Finally, consider comfort. If you’re shopping online, it might be a good idea to pay a visit to a local outdoor retailer and try out a few of their chairs. This gives you an idea of what you like in terms of style and brand and lets you decide how heavy-duty your chair really needs to be. You could also speak to friends and family about their camping chairs and ask if you can borrow what they’re using for a camping trip to give it a test run.