How to Make a Secret Compartment in Your Backpack

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A hidden pocket in your backpack is a great way to hide and protect your valuables, so how do you make one? There are a couple of different ways that you can go about making a secret compartment in your backpack: one includes sewing, and the other includes Velcro.

How to Sew a Hidden Pocket

This first option requires sewing – it doesn’t have to be perfect; however, if you don’t want to try to sew down this pocket, you can always use safety pins instead.

What You Need:

The yarn, fabric and duct tape should be similar in color to the inside of your backpack to ensure that this pocket will be secret.

Measure and Pin Down Fabric

The first thing that you need to do is measure the piece of fabric that you have chosen for the project. You want to measure it to match the size of the internal pocket that you are going to be using but leave about an inch extra on each side.

tape measure on fabric

Once you’ve done this, you’ll want to place the piece of fabric over the internal pocket of your backpack and pin down the corners. Watch out for the pin needles poking out through the pack as you do this.

If you choose not to sew, this is the step where you would use safety pins instead of sewing pins to keep the fabric in place.

Sew Down the Fabric

Now that you’ve successfully pinned down the fabric, it’s time to sew it down. Keep in mind that your sewing job doesn’t need to be perfect for this – as long as it works to keep the fabric down, you’ll be fine.

sewing cloth

You might have to flip the backpack over to sew down the fabric, remember which side is going to be facing up when the back is upright. Remember that you only want to sew down three of the sides so that you can still access the internal pocket.

Be careful with the needle, again, during this process.

Duct Tape

After the fabric has been sewed or pinned, it’s time to clean up the job!

duct tape

Take some duct tape and place it around the sewn edges of the pocket to keep it in place and ensure that it is secure. The biggest thing to remember with this step is that you don’t want the tape to be visible when you look into your backpack, so make sure that you get a colored duct tape that is as close to the color of the inside of the bag.

You’re Finished

Enjoy your new secret compartment in your backpack, and feel safer knowing that your valuables are safe.

Using Hook & Matching Strips

choosing fabric

If you have a backpack that doesn’t have an internal pocket, here is another way that you can make a secret pocket using Velcro and glue:

What you Need:

  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Bonding glue
  • Hooking & matching tape

Again, you’ll want the material to be the same color as the inside of the pocket you’ll be using.

Steps to follow

  1. Find the less accessible pocket on your backpack – this can be on the inside or the outside, try to find one that is zippered. Measure the dimensions of the pocket and write down the measurements you’ve just taken.
  2. Doubling the original length and width measurements that you’ve just taken, grab a piece of cloth the same color as the inside of the pocket and measure it out. Then measure out an extra inch on the left side, you can then cut along that 1-inch mark.
  3. Measure the width of the fabric from one end to the other, then cut vertically down the cloth to the halfway point.
  4. Place newspaper down on the surface you’re using, then place the two pieces of cut out fabric down on the paper vertically. You now want to apply bonding glue to three sides of the structure.
  5. Line up the other piece of cloth with the other and press down to form a pocket. Let this sit overnight to dry.
  6. Measure the length and width of the pocket you made, then cut two hooking pad strips to the same extent as the pocket. Remove the adhesive backing from each piece, then place the strip (sticky side down) on each side of the pocket. Press down on them to make sure they stick.
  7. Now cut another hooking strip to match the width of the pocket. Remove the adhesive backing and place the piece down against the pocket closest to you. Press down to make sure it sticks.
  8. Cut two matching strips to the same length as the measurement taken down at the beginning for the interior of the pocket.
  9. Remove the adhesive backing of the latching strip and place each piece down against the edges of the pouch. Press down on each to make sure they stick.
  10. Cut the latching strip to be the same width of the pocket. Remove the adhesive backing and place the piece down against the bottom of the pouch. Press down to make sure it sticks, then leave the backpack and strips alone overnight.
  11. Place the new cloth pocket inside the pouch. Line the hooking strips on the cloth to the latching pieces inside the bag and press the two together. Close the pouch’s zipper, and you’ve got a brand new secret compartment.


Having a secret pocket to hide your valuables is an excellent idea for any backpack. It’s a great way to protect your things, and they’re incredibly simple to make. We gave you two different ways to make a secret pocket inside your backpack, which one you use is up to you – but they’re both great ways to give your valuables protected.

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