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Camping outdoors can be a revitalizing and supremely fun time. Participating in this activity either by yourself or with family and friends creates cherished and long-lasting memories. There are, however, some slightly cringe-worthy horror stories about dreadful camping trips that those involved would like to forget. The wilderness is unpredictable, and in-climate weather, wild animals, and poisonous plants can easily sneak their way into disrupting your camping vacation. In a way, though, this unpredictability is part of what makes camping fun and exciting, as they give us funny and inspiring stories to tell after all is said and done.

Of course, you don’t want these unforeseen events ruining your trip, so it’s a good idea to equip yourself with the useful and sometimes necessary equipment. This is especially true for those who plan on using a rooftop tent as a means of shelter during their camping trip. Though rooftop tents are considered to be a bit safer and more secure than regular tents simply because they get you off of the ground, there are still certain accessories that are of immense help.

Rooftop Tent

Because rooftop tents are a relatively new trend in shelter choice amongst outdoor adventurers, many people don’t know what accessories are useful. Thankfully, we’re here to provide you with a rundown of some of the best rooftop tent accessories available on the market today in hopes of providing you with the gear you need to face the unexpected.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that not all of these accessories are going to save you from every unexpected occurrence out in the wild. Instead, they are regarded by experts as essential items that some people may find helpful with one or more of the many aspects regarding the rooftop tenting experience.


The first item on our list of roof top tent accessories is a spare latch kit. This item is something that can save your camping trip from being an utter disaster. Though pretty much all rooftop tents come with a latching device designed to close and secure your tent in its cover during transportation, these tend to be subjected to a fair bit of wear and tear and can sometimes break without warning. When this occurs, and you don’t have a spare latch kit with you, it’s tough to rig up a safe and secure way to store your rooftop tent for the drive back home. Having a spare on hand is essential to avoid having to seek out something in the wilderness to use to secure your tent to transport it back home safely.

Avoiding Disaster

Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland Rooftop Tent with Annex Room

Another item that can help you avoid disaster is an anti-theft mounting bracket. This item is usually made of hardened steel and is typically installed over the nuts that your vehicle’s rooftop tent mounting bracket is attached to. This will undoubtedly prevent anyone who believes they can steal your rooftop tent off of your car by merely unscrewing the nuts and bolts and walking away with it. It does this not only by covering the nuts but also by incorporating a lock to prevent anyone without the key from even thinking about stealing your tent.

The two items mentioned above are deemed some of the essential elements for rooftop tent owners to have. Still, there are a bunch of other accessories that deal specifically with various other aspects of a vehicle’s roof rack. These include modifications to improve a vehicle’s aerodynamics or extra bits and pieces to make sure vehicle roof racks compatible with various rooftop tent brands. There are so many of these that I won’t even try to mention them all, but they are certainly something any rooftop tent owner should investigate.

Awning Attachments

Awning attachments are another essential roof top tent accessories you may want to consider. These are included with specific rooftop tent models but, if yours lacks one, it may be in your best interest to get one. They are easy to set up and handy as a way to stay dry when it’s rainy and chilly when the sun’s out.

Roof top tent accessories that help organize and store your camping gear are another popular choice for people looking to tidy up their tent. There are quite a few of these on the market and ranging from inner and outer storage shelves to shoe racks, cargo bins, and freezers. These items are usually designed for specific brands of tents though some are universally compatible.



Other accessories that are usually universally compatible for all types of rooftop tents are mattress covers, rain fly protectors, tent insulation, ladders, folding tables, and gear lofts. If you have any interest in these types of items, it’s essential to understand that since the market for rooftop tent accessories is still relatively new, your best bet for researching and purchasing items is your tent’s manufacturer’s website. Each rooftop tent brand has a pretty decent selection of add-ons and accessories to choose from. Buying directly from the tent maker is the preferred choice because many of these items are tailored specifically for use on specific tents, knowing that whatever item you buy will, without a doubt, work for your style of tent is undoubtedly helpful to know.


I feel the need to remind rooftop tent owners once again that having an emergency backup set of essential pieces of gear is an incredibly worthwhile endeavor. Also, when you purchase any accessory or emergency backup item for your rooftop tent, always take the time to test it out before you head into the wilderness. You certainly don’t want to get to your camping spot only to realize that the item you bought is missing a crucial piece. Nature is no place to travel into unprepared, so cover all your bases and tread wisely.

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